Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Indian 9/11

Beloved Bombay a.k.a. Mumbai has(I write this post as the terrorists are still at large) undergone one of the worst terror hits to have struck India.The Deccan Mujahideen(as they identify themselves) has gunned down hundreds in cold blood and wounded hundreds more in the name of religion and international exposure!Whats appalling is the calmness with which these terrorists have killed innocents employing AK-47s and grenades with such finesse that one wonders what fuels such people to go about their hatred?!Toward what?What do they want from us?

Top CEOs,millionaires,scientists and tourists from abroad and local have been holed in the two hotels(The Taj and The Trident) where this event is happening and though some brave folks have managed to contact the news channels and their families to give status updates on the terrorists, some have been killed soon after as well.As I scoured through the Times of India and BBC for live updates, it chilled me to read the stories that were printed.One that struck me in particular was that of the food critic from Times of India who was/is holed in her room in The Taj, who had communicated that she was hiding under the bed and the last SMS her husband has so far received is this 'They are in the bathroom' With that lone line hanging in the air,its frightening to think what might have happened!

Two Turkish couples who were thrown into a room along with 3 Caucasian women said today that the terrorists had asked each one of them which religion they belonged to and when the Turks said they were Muslim, it was said to them that they would be unharmed, the other 3 women were taken away and killed.How did them being a Muslim give them a passport to freedom and life while the rest were cruelly killed?Who gives anyone the right to take away a life based on religion?!Britons and Americans were also singled out to be kept as hostages so that these cowards with guns get coverage!!Isnt there an easier way to get on TV rather than killing people?

I am outraged and devastated that extremists in every religion think they can get away with whatever they want without shedding a single tear.Are these people just born cold-hearted or does their religion ask them to do so?As far as I know, no religious books gives anyone the right to kill anyone else be it based on religion or for any other reason!When will this treachery and creulty end!The whole world has sat up and looked at this event,the US is sending in the FBI for support, the Greeks have sent in planes for airlifting citizens...all this really makes me feel proud that countries stand up for each other in crisis.It is indeed a very thin silver lining for the dark clouds of gloom over Mumbai today.

I pray for all those who are dead to rest in peace and for all those still holed up in the hotels, to hope that they will come out alive.

The gory pictures say it all(courtesy BBC News,Reuters)

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Karthik Shetty said...

To you question of whether they're born cold-hearted or religion asks them to do what they did, it's the latter, albeit indirectly. Someone pumps only selective verses into their puny heads. But nevertheless, you can't deny it. Anyone who does, I'm sorry to say is drinking the cool-aid. After the Malegaon probe, where an army officer seems to be guilty, the Indian media asked "will this tarnish the image of the army?"; I'd be tickled pink if they now ask "will the involvement of Muslims now tarnish the image of Islam?". Oh, I forgot, it's the Indian media!